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Already in v0.4:
  • Expanded the 'search' functionality
  • Sorting of items in everyone's collection
  • Enhanced + expanded help articles
  • Enhanced landing page experience

Planned for v0.4:
  • Collection queue system
  • Wishlist feature
  • Collection page options for wishlists

Planned for v0.5:
  • Tradelist feature
  • The 'trades' finding feature/pages
  • Item change system
  • Generic admin pages
  • Review feature
  • User to User message system
  • More collection types

Planned for v0.6:
  • 'Friends' feature
  • Achievements & rewards
  • Collectable badges
  • Recruit a friend system
  • To be announced...

Long term goals:
  • General Forum
  • Forum discussion area per collection type
  • Expanded forum banner system
  • Rework site design
  • Personalize your collection page (themes)
  • Expand on 'trade' features
  • Create more help articles
v0.3 changes:
  • Sorting of items in your collection
  • Extended search page to search all item fields
  • Enhanced form usage
  • Item queue system
  • Overview pages
  • Layout tweaked
  • Fixed profile page update bug
v0.2 changes:
  • Confirm&login page rework
  • Rework the header
  • New News system + changelog
  • Dynamic user signature banners
  • Item specific preferences
  • Enhanced paging functionality
  • Button on detail pages (add to...)